If you have a well-designed website, congratulations! You’re a step ahead of the game. (If not, we should talk). But the best website in the world isn’t worth much without one essential ingredient: a steady stream of qualified traffic that converts to high-quality sales leads and new customers.

Search Engine Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Many people searching for products and services these days start with one of the major search engines. So one of the keys to the kind of traffic you’re after is ranking high with these major search sites. The big question, of course, is how to get that done. If you want to maximize the number of qualified prospects visiting your website, search engine optimization (SEO) is a big part of the answer. This means making each element of your website “search engine friendly” so it ranks as high as possible in search results. But on-page optimization is only a start.

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SEO is the Foundation

You may already be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that’s what most website developers focus on (at least superficially). And there’s no question this is critically important. SEO involves making sure each and every element of each and every page is optimized for the search engines. In effect, you have two audiences: your prospects and search engine robots. You need to see your web pages the way a “bot” sees it, and we know exactly how to do that. But for us, SEO is only a starting point.

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Search Engine Marketing: Beyond SEO

Opportunities, time and resources are lost by viewing individual marketing tactics as stand-alone activities. That’s why we incorporate every avenue to help the right people not only find your website, but engage them and turn them into clients. We open up multiple streams of traffic to your website, rather than relying on only one or two. In other words, we develop a complete search engine marketing (SEM) program of which SEO is only part of the equation. This means your opportunities and sales will ramp up like you never thought possible.

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