If you have a well-designed website, congratulations! You’re a step ahead of the game. (If not, we should talk). But the best website in the world isn’t worth much without one essential ingredient: a steady stream of qualified traffic that converts to high-quality sales leads and new customers.

Search Engine Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

Many people searching for products and services these days start with one of the major search engines. So one of the keys to the kind of traffic you’re after is ranking high with these major search sites. The big question, of course, is how to get that done. If you want to maximize the number of qualified prospects visiting your website, search engine optimization (SEO) is a big part of the answer. This means making each element of your website “search engine friendly” so it ranks as high as possible in search results. But on-page optimization is only a start.

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SEO is the Foundation

You may already be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that’s what most website developers focus on (at least superficially). And there’s no question this is critically important. SEO involves making sure each and every element of each and every page is optimized for the search engines. In effect, you have two audiences: your prospects and search engine robots. You need to see your web pages the way a “bot” sees it, and we know exactly how to do that. But for us, SEO is only a starting point.

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Search Engine Marketing: Beyond SEO

Opportunities, time and resources are lost by viewing individual marketing tactics as stand-alone activities. That’s why we incorporate every avenue to help the right people not only find your website, but engage them and turn them into clients. We open up multiple streams of traffic to your website, rather than relying on only one or two. In other words, we develop a complete search engine marketing (SEM) program of which SEO is only part of the equation. This means your opportunities and sales will ramp up like you never thought possible.

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Let’s Make Great Things Happen

Ready to put the full power of digital marketing to work for your business? Then get in touch to schedule a conversation about your situation, needs and goals.

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I absolutely love referring our dealers to you. They quickly ramp up their marketing programs and are very happy with what you do for them. Thank you!

Jen Tagle, Resideo

I have known and worked with Greg for many years, ever since he helped lead our growth surge at Westec. If you need help with your marketing program to grow sales, you should definitely put 21CM on your team.

Earle Graham, Covenant Consulting

You have implemented many things we needed to become even better and more successful than we are. Thank you for helping us grow!

Bill Murray, Murray Property Management

Your program is like pulling the critical log off a logjam. I now have so many ideas that the whole thing flows, and we have already started increasing our sales.

Garrett Auld, Hue & Cry Security

We needed a new website and wow did 21CM deliver. We also have social media, video marketing and email marketing programs that get real results. 21CM really cares about our company and helping us reach our goals.

Jason Waldron, OS Technologies

21CM is a tremendous asset in supporting our nationwide network of dealers with their digital marketing programs.

Dean Belisle, Resideo

We’re very happy to have 21CM on our team! They not only beautifully upgraded our website, but help us focus our marketing and sales efforts on the right targets and objectives.

Renee Menke, Electronic Security Concepts

21CM did a great job updating our website and producing a high-quality video showcasing our company. Highly recommended.

Eric Howard, Sanderson Pipe

Greg is my “go to” guy when it comes to anything marketing. He has always given me great advice about marketing ideas and strategies. I have the highest respect and admiration for him as a marketing pro and as a person.

Brian Silverthorn, Feed the Good Wolf Consulting

21CM has been nothing short of a blessing for our company. Their guidance and support has helped, and continues to help, our company grow and progress.

Cliff Wright, Control Freaks

Greg is a seasoned marketing professional with vast knowledge at his disposal, fueled by years of hands-on field and digital marketing experience. He is personable, knowledgeable and truly cares about the success of the people he works with.

Brian Plant, Ignite Marketing

Greg contains such a wealth of knowledge! In our first conversation (and many after) you could tell how much he cares for his clients and takes the necessary means to deliver an effective solution based on their needs.

Nicole Brown,

I only wish we had contacted 21CM earlier. They quickly redesigned and updated our website to present the image we needed and then created content that ranked on Google and attracted new prospects virtually overnight. I highly recommend them!

Valerie Evans Schmidt, Schmidt Associates

I really can’t say enough good things about 21CM. They accomplished in two weeks what two other digital marketing companies couldn’t get done for us in eight months. If you need help growing your business, do yourself a huge favor and talk with them!

RD Perez, Sierragold Telemanagement