What exactly is content marketing? We’re so happy you asked! The right content is the glue that holds your entire digital marketing program together. Great content grabs your audience’s attention, gets them to pay attention, see you as a trusted expert and want to do business with you. Powerful stuff.

The Gas That Makes Your Digital Marketing Engine Run

Think of content like the gas that you put in your car. Content is the fuel that makes the digital marketing engine run. The better the fuel, the better your car will perform. Content marketing works by offering target customers informative and useful information that provides insight and value. It helps them solve their problems and reach their own goals, thereby causing them to have good feelings about you. 

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Content Marketing Creates and Builds Relationships

So what exactly does content marketing involve? In a nutshell, content marketing means using blogs, downloads, social media posts, e-newsletter articles, infographics, videos, website landing pages and more to provide useful information to target audiences. Content marketing attracts potential customers, keeps them engaged and moves them further along the sales funnel.

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Content Marketing Positions You In the Right Way

A serious mistake most companies make with their marketing efforts is that they lead with products and price. That’s a losing, me-too strategy. Why? Because these two “P’s” of the marketing mix are misplaced at the start of the marketing process. The key to success is to lead with you — what makes you different in a way that is important to your target customers? Answer this question up-front and you’re way ahead in the game. That’s what content marketing is really all about. Getting customers to visualize the wonderful experience they will have with you!

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